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Socialization for Kittens and Puppies. Barking, Growling and Scratching …Oh My!!

Oscar my terrier barks, growls and backs away from men, especially those with hoodies, hats and beards. As he has become older, the behavior is getting worse than it was as a puppy. Our shepherd, Rex is afraid of brooms, vacuum cleaners, trashcans, and loud sounds; I cannot even pull a cookie sheet out of […]

Is your dog afraid of thunder or fireworks?

There is a new product Sileo® made by Zoetis that quickly reduces fear. Check with your veterinarian or make an appointment for a behavior consultation.

Hot off the Presses: Decoding Your Dog

The new book Decoding Your Dog from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists will help owners better understand their dogs and  overcome common behavior problems. Each chapter is written by a veterinarian who specializes in treating behaviors problems. Dr Katherine Houpt contributed chapter 3, “Creating a Mensa Dog, What Learning Really Is, and how Dogs Learn,” which covers how to extinguish […]