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Gaylord Herald Times Interview

Dr. Katherine Houpt was interviewed by Lorene Parshall of the Gaylord Herald Times in the article “Animal behaviorist doesn’t horse around“. One correction: although Dr. Houpt worked at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine for decades, she received her veterinary degree and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Announcing Behavior Consultations at Cherry Bend Animal Hospital

Starting in  August  2010, Dr. Houpt will be seeing behavior cases at the Cherry Bend Animal Hospital, 10387 Cherry Bend Road, Traverse City.

You catch more Horses with Honey

Most horse training is negative reinforcement. You kick the horse until it moves forward. You pull on the reins until it stops. Once the horse has learned that the kicking will stop when he moves forward much more subtle cues such as a Walk On’ or just a squeeze of the legs can be substitutes. […]