Dog Stories

If you would like to read stories about the intellectual accomplishments of dogs, these letters from owners to the British magazine Spectator are wonderful. Dogs that can trick other dogs, dogs that understand the Pythagorean theory, and dogs that know the value of money, etc. etc. are featured. Below is an example:

Topsy had a favourite resting-place in an easy-chair, and was very often deprived of it by a dog which came as visitor to the house. Topsy did not approve of this and her attempts to regain her seat were met with growls and bites. This justified an act of eviction, and the busy little brain decided on a plan. The next day, as usual, the intruder established himself in the chair, which was close to the open door. Topsy looked on for a moment, and then flew savagely out of doors, barking at a supposed enemy. Out ran the other dog to see what was up, and back came Topsy to take possession of her coveted seat. The other dog came slowly back, and curled himself up in a far-off corner.

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